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2020-02-20 11:15

2nd Officer on LNG 2nd Officer on LNG Salary: 8900 Hopefully in the next future i will get a good job vacancy in here. All referencesThe 5, 800m3 vessel will have a duelfuel engine and many other technical solutions to assure environmental excellence. The design has been optimized for safe and reliable bunkering operations. The vessel is a crucial part of the establishment of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure in the SkagerrakKattegat area and the Baltic Sea. 2nd officer lng vacancy

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2nd Officer Vacancy ID 245 Rank 2nd Officer Nationality UNITED KINGDOM, Short Description TEXT FOR LNG MARINELIKE. Toggle navigation. Sea Jobs (2388) 2nd Officer sea job at LNG 2nd Officer at LNG Views: 111 Job Description. 2nd Officer Vacancy ID. The 2nd Officer, also known as the 2nd Mate or when hes certified and with work experience on DP vessels as Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO), is a certified member on deck of a ship. He is third in command (or fourth, in case of ocean liners) and fulfills the role of medical officer.2nd officer lng vacancy 2nd Officer on LNG Company: Please login! 2nd Officer on Oilchemical tanker Hopefully in the next future i will get a good job vacancy in here.

2nd Officer Vacancy ID 4861 Rank 2nd Officer Minimum experience 12 months Nationality RUSSIA, Joining date Contract duration 4 months Wages from 5460. 00 USDmonthly Short Description Very good English, LNG experience, positive 2nd officer lng vacancy 3rd Officer Job Description, Salary, Vacancy The third officer, also known as third mate or 3M, is fourthincommand and one of the licensed members on deck of a merchant ship. He reports directly to the OfficeroftheWatch: either the first or second officer. Apr 8, 2018, Job, 2nd officer 3rd officer Able seaman Bosun Catering staff Chief officer Container vessel Worldwide Second Officer sea jobs at Sharp Crewing Services Pte. Ltd. LNG maritime vacancy 2nd Officer vacancy.

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