Husband micromanages money

2020-02-29 12:24

My husband then said I needed to work till 62 because he worked till 62. He micromanages our finances for at least an hour a day. He continually moves money from one account to another to make sure there is only what we need in our checking account.Sep 02, 2011 Husband Micromanages? I'm a high school dropout. Have been studying for the GED and have been looking for a job to get out of this crisis. I have the tools, I just need a job to earn money to get my schooling. My husband is less than likely to help out with schooling. He doesn't honestly do much around here. He works husband micromanages money

There is another custom amongst them yet more extraordinary, which is, that the wife is punished whenever the husband proves false to the marriage contract; this punishment indeed extends no farther than a pecuniary mulct, and what seems more equitable, the husband is obliged to pay a sum of money

Sep 06, 2012 Your husband sounds like a disgruntled house wife, my former husband was the same way. It really sucks. Also it isn't really a factor in the baby stage, but my former dh took a lot out on my son, which is a problem. The Danger of Micromanaging Your Spouse Your rulerofthehousehold approach may be wearing thin with your spouse. Here are 3 tips to help come together as a team.husband micromanages money Two years ago, Harold was offered a temporary job in an exotic location in another country. We jumped at the chance. I cant work due to the regulations here, but the money is good.

Modern coercive is if you do not do as I follow, I will divorce you and get the kids with all the money. If you do not bring enough money, you are a lazy useless for nothing. husband micromanages money Sep 05, 2012 I am so very tired of my husband, sometimes I think he might have OCPD, but sometimes I think it is just me being unorganized. We have fun together most of the time when we out of the house and he is a good dad to our baby, he's very kind, generous about things he approves (e. g. nail salons, massages, good restaurants, clothes shopping) but it is when we are at home we can't get along. You absolutely need to find a way to be involved in the finances though. If a divorce were to happen or something were to happen to him you need to know what is going on with your money. Mar 08, 2011 Everyday I regret marrying my husband, even though I love him. He is constantly trying to micromanage me. He is constantly berating me for spending too much of his money (I stay at home with my kids a decision we made together).

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