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2020-02-22 03:35

Post Office Recurring Deposit. Post office RD is basically a monthly investment for a fixed period of 5 years with a interest rate of 7. 3 per annum (compounded quarterly). On completion of the fixed tenure of five years, RD account with Rs. 10, 000 invested every month will fetch you Rs. 7, 25, 051.Feb 17, 2019 post office rd plan 2019 hindi, post office rd, post office rd plan, post office schemes, post office recurring deposit, post office recurring deposit interest rates 2019, post office fixed interest on post office rd

POST OFFICE RD Calculator: Calculate the interest earned and the amount of POST OFFICE Recurring Deposit you will accumulate using POST OFFICE RD Calculator on The Economic Times. Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now.

News About Post Office Recurring Deposit Interest Rate. Post Office Recurring Deposits Rates Revised. The post office recurring deposits rates keep changing from time to time. Currently, as per the late revision rate, the current interest rate of recurring deposits in Indian post office is 7. 10 p. a. Post Office RD Interest Rate. This RD scheme offers a Post Office RD Interest Rate of 6. 90 per annum which is compounded quarterly. . Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) Online Payment. Currently there is no way that post office RD online payment can be carried out from the account holders end except through ECS.interest on post office rd Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) Calculator for calculating maturity amount of Post Office Recurring Deposit saving. Recurring Deposits are a special kind of Term Deposits offered by Post Office, which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits.

Post Office Recurring Deposit (PORD) Scheme is a systematic savings plan, where you can deposit your money for a definite time period and earn interest on that. You need to invest an equal amount of sum for a minimum period of 60 months. 5 years post office recurring deposit scheme allows you to earn fixed yet guaranteed interest on your investment. interest on post office rd Post Office Recurring Deposit Interest Rate: A post office RD account can be opened from a minimum of Rs. 10 with no maximum limit (in multiples of 5). The interest is offered at the rate of 7. 1 w. e. f. . The interest is compounded quarterly which is another benefit for individuals who cannot deposit large sums of money since it Post Office rd interest rate 2018 is 6. 9 p. a and can be calculated using post office recurring deposit calculator rd calculator, see recurring deposit features and Post Office RD Account Check Online facility is available& candidates can make RD Account Login rd login at But reinvestment of post office FD interest into RDs does not qualify for any tax deduction under Chapter VIA of the Act. He can pay tax on RD or FD interest after the FY ends on 31 March as admin. This is the unofficial website of Indian Post office schemes which shows official schemes of Indian Post Office e. g. , Public Provident Fund (PPF), RD, MIS, Kisan Vikas Patra, NSC, Time Deposits, Savings account, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme etc.

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