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For example money values are stored as decimal values and we want to display the currency symbol when the values get rend The following code snippet shows how DataFormatString value has been set on 2 columns to format them as currency and date fields. Data formatting in GridView. PeterScaletti 17May14 23: 18. PeterScaletti: 17May14Apr 12, 2013 Grid View DataFormatString Currency displaying in when it should be [Answered RSS 3 replies Last post Apr 12, 2013 11: 11 PM by crazyim telerik dataformatstring money

Feb 19, 2011 I found DataFormatString in GridView not work very well when I try to display currency. In VS 2005 Beta version, it works fine, but after I use stardard version, it never display correct. Convert your database column to money type then formats 0: c and 0: f2 work. No need to turn off HTMLEncode etc.

Jun 02, 2008 Re: Can't use DataFormatString to format DateTime Jan 21, 2010 06: 06 AM moragm LINK This had me stumped for a while and I tried all the suggestions given here before I realised that the underlying data type in my database was set as a string. Apr 18, 2012 Join a community of over 2. 6m developers to have your questions answered on DataFormatString Money of UI for WPF GridView. New here? Start with our free trials.telerik dataformatstring money The following example demonstrates how to use the DataFormatString property to specify various formats for the columns in the DataGrid control. The Qty column is formatted as an integer, the Price column is formatted as currency, the Weight column is formatted as a decimal number, and the Expires column is formatted as a short date and time string.

Numbers can be formatted through the DataFormatString property which is exposed by XAxisYAxis Labels, Series Labels and ToolTips. The number format can be set: directly (e. g. DataFormatString N ) or in combination with additional text(e. g DataFormatString Sales: 0: N ), where the 0 placeholder will translate into the item's value. telerik dataformatstring money How to modify currency format using DataFormatString in GridView. Ask Question 2. How would I display the value, for example: . To show its currency equivalent with comma and period formatting: 851, 839. 85 by using DataFormatString? Currently I have 0: c2, but Personal Finance& Money; Academia; Law; more (15) Codeless databinding, rich clientside operations, and a myriad of features topped with unbeatable performance is what defines the Telerik RadGrid for ASP. NET AJAX. About RadGrid for ASP. NET AJAX RadGrid and 90 other controls are part of UI for ASP. NET AJAX, a comprehensive toolset taking care of the common functionality of your application Controls RadGridView Columns. Data Formatting. GridViewDataColumn and allow you to format the displayed data by specifying an appropriate format string and assigning it to the DataFormatString property for the column. . Example 1: Set DataFormatString property of DateTime column DataFormatString 0: C0 That will format as a currency with 0 decimal places. DataFormatString 0: N0 This will format as a number such as 1, 000.

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