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Aug 06, 2014 A TSP loan is not a loan secured by your equity in yout TSP account. A TSP loan is a withdrawal of money from your TSP account that you have to pay back under loanlike terms. So, your account drops value by 50, 000.Remember, you aren't allowed to make a partial withdrawal without your spouse's concurrence. Partial withdrawals must be 1000 or more. This money can be transferred to a traditional IRA, or put to use in your retirement plans. The main drawback to a partial withdrawal is that your TSP account's ability to grow is diminished. withdrawing money from your tsp account

10 Tax Penalty. If you are 55 or older and retired, you can withdraw from your TSP without being charged the 10 tax penalty (which is normally tacked onto early withdrawals) in addition to regular income taxes. If youre under age 55 and retired, or if youre under age 59 and not retired, you will most likely have to pay the extra 10 penalty.

A 10 early withdrawal penalty will apply to withdrawals from your Traditional TSP if you separate from your federal job before the year in which you turn 55. If you were to separate before your 55th year of birth, you could avoid the penalty if you take any of the steps outlined in the next three paragraphs. Apr 27, 2009 Best Answer: Investing in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for your retirement is a nobrainer! Quite simply, you should invest as much as you can afford in the TSP because: You save money on income taxes. 100 percent of the money you have deducted from your pay goes into your investment account, and no income tax is deducted.withdrawing money from your tsp account How can the answer be improved?

Receiving Your Money. You can go to My Account: Withdrawals or call the ThriftLine to find out the status of your request. Your withdrawal could take longer if your agency or service delays reporting your separation from Federal service, if you have an outstanding TSP loan, or if you submit forms that are not completed properly. withdrawing money from your tsp account Early Withdrawals. Federal employees can withdraw TSP funds at any time. However, withdrawing funds before age 59 12 can result in the 10 percent IRS penalty on funds in addition to the federal income taxes. If you are still employed after reaching age 59 12, you are entitled to a onetime withdrawal of any or all of your funds without penalty. Retirement Withdrawals. You are allowed to borrow from your TSP with an account loan. The IRS doesn't charges taxes or a penalty on TSP loans. You can borrow up to 50, 000 from your TSP. Most loans need to be paid back with interest within five years. If you take out a loan to buy or build your primary residence,

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