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2. Enabling it Through Steam. Launch your steam client and find the Dragon Age 2 game in your Steam library. Right click the game and select properties. The properties popup will give you the option to Set Launch Options. Add this text without the brackets and click OK.Note: For example, enter runscript zzsupercrit gen00flmerrill for Merrill. Blood Dragon armor. Have a saved game file from Dragon Age: Origins to unlock the Blood Dragon armor. . Infinite money and experience. Successfully complete any side quest that does not activate a cutscene when receiving your reward (for example, the SouthSong Gerralt's Corpse side quest or any Find And Deliver runscript add money dragon age 2

runscript zzaddapproval X Y Add approval to a character. X represents the character in question, while Y is the amount of approval to add. X represents the character in question, while Y is the amount of approval to add.

Dragon Age II Cheats. Right click on the shortcut, choose Properties, then add the following to the end of line in the Target field: it should look something like this: C: \Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age Dragon Age 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies runscript zzdaedebug Add a member to your party; rapidly press A to get unlimited money and EXP. You can keeprunscript add money dragon age 2 Gives the plater 1000 mana, 1000 health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity. runscript dbgsetattrib [attrib [value Gives you a 180 sec. buff where [attrib is a number from 1 to 6 (1 being str, 2 dex, etc. in order) and [value is the amount by which you want the b. runscript pcimmortal. God Mode.

Go to My Games in Origin and find your Dragon Age II. Right click it, and select Game Properties . In the field titled Command Line Arguments , put in By editing a game file Edit. Another option is to edit the file \Dragon Age (i. e. , within your Program Files folder). runscript add money dragon age 2 Cheat Code List For Dragon Age 2. 1 Minute Attribute Buff, where x is attribute and y is amount. Cheat code: runscript dbgsetattrib x y. Add Experience Points to your character(s) for faster leveling up. Cheat code: runscript addxp. Allows you to Add Any Member to Your Party. Cheat code: runscript zzdaedebug. Changes player to a Level 2 Mage.

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