Making money selling antiques on ebay

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If youre looking to sell antique or vintage gems look to local auction houses and antiques fairs first to get advice on the value of your antiques before selling. Most auction houses have onsite specialists who can advise on a myriad of collectibles and will usually provide free verbal valuations (although may of course charge for written valuations).Fishing Lure Reels in Big Bucks on eBay. Bids quickly rose past the 1, 000 mark and by the end of the frenzy, it topped out at an unbelievable price of 31, 851. 50, according to a PR Collect press release. If you did not realize that old, name brand, wooden fishing lures could be so desirable, it might be time to take a look at your grandfather's making money selling antiques on ebay

I used to sell a lot more on eBay but, now that my daughter's 3 I'm finding it harder and. Skip to main content. Any advice for someone selling in an antique mall for the first time? biglino. 781. Adventurer Aug 17, 2013 10: 11: 17 AM but always profitable on eBay and 2) the only people making money at antique malls are the antique mall

And if you have antiques to sell and dont want to haggle with antique store owners collectors will be certain to find your offerings on eBay, whether you have jade jewelry, Viking treasuers, or an antique 20 product ratings How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay and Make a Fortune! by Lynn 3. 00 Trending at 3. 96 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.making money selling antiques on ebay Jun 18, 2016 Selling Antique bottles on ebay How to make money on eBay Nic& Andrea Hills. 25 common things to sell on eBay (methods other than tumbling)& an Antique Bottle GiveAway. Duration: 9: 36.

The 2 Perspectives to Selling on eBay. There is the entrepreneur who is motivated by making money in a clinical sense, who is content dropshipping or selling products purchased wholesale. While this is rewarding, there is another type of entrepreneur who loves the thrill of hunting for treasures to resell. making money selling antiques on ebay Those sellers consistently offer them bargain after bargain, which can be sold again on eBay with a better title and description for lots more money. Use your books on antiques and collectibles, websites like this one, and conversations with other sellers to learn about what you're marketing on eBay long before you attempt to auction it off. antique malls, yard sales, auctions, eBay BIN listings. That means I can buy for 1CDN and sell for 10USD and still make money after eBay and PP fees (reduced by having Stores, TRS discounts, Free Shipping discounts etc) and Canada Post's shocking postage rates. Can you Really Make a Living Selling on Ebay? in reply to slysbuying Sep Antiques can be all sorts of things that are small enough to fit in your pocket. With the easy access to eBay and other sites, as well as the access to information, it is relatively easy to make money selling your antiques Jun 12, 2013 10 tips for making money from antiques Big returns are possible from antique collecting. One family tells how a 19. 95 terracotta figurine bought an eBay is now worth 800.

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