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2020-02-20 05:58

May 11, 2011 Barack Obama in Ireland: Moneygall is in the grip of Obamania As Moneygall prepares for Barack Obama's arrival, Judith Woods visits the village that is home to the President's ancestors.Barack Obama Obama's visit greeted with jubilation in Moneygall The birthplace of the president's celebrates its brief moment of glory Jon Henley in Moneygall. moneygall obama pub

Rediscovering Obamas Irish Roots In a tiny Irish village, one man will always be President. Moneygalls main pub (the other one sits on the other side of the road), watching live footage

Cheers! Obama samples Irish pint Jump to media player US President Barack Obama sampled the atmosphere in a pub in the village of Moneygall, home to one of his Irish ancestors. Moneygall (Irish: Muine Gall, meaning foreigners' thicket ) is a small village on the border of counties Offaly and Tipperary, in Ireland. It is situated on the R445 road between Dublin and Limerick. The 2011 Census counted 310 people in the village (153 males and 157 females). This was an increase of 12 people (4) since the previous census in 2006.moneygall obama pub Given his mounting intray, Mr Obama may be too busy to do anything. He is, we are told, a serious man for serious times. But if things settle down in the Oval Office, there is a pint waiting for him on the bar at Hayes pub in Moneygall, and it's already getting warm.

May 24, 2011  MONEYGALL, Ireland President Obama may not be related to everybody in this postagestamp Irish hamlet of 300, which claims him as its native son. But on Monday, Mr. Obama moneygall obama pub Landlord Ollie Hayes has explained what it was like when Barack Obama paid a visit to his pub in Moneygall, Ireland. The US president went to Moneygall in County Offaly on his state visit, because President Obama went to the pub and had a pint of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day. On a sunny and warm Saturday in Washington D. C. , the president visited The Dubliner, a raucous Irish pub on Capitol Ollie Hayes bar in the heart of Moneygall. Steeped in history, OLLIE HAYES bar is in the Hayes Name since the early 1930s when it was purchased by Ollies Grandparents who at that time had the Hayes bar directly across the road which is still is in the Hayes name today, run by Ollies Aunt Julia and Uncle Joe. May 23, 2011 US President Barack Obama has been given a hero's welcome by thousands as he stepped foot in his ancestral home in Ireland. Aro

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