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Feb 10, 2016 How to get money out the money tin without opening it James Harrison. Loading Unsubscribe from James Harrison? Dr. Phil Can't Take this girl Duration: 10: 15.I've been saving 2 coins in a money tin (the kind you have to use a tin opener so no cheating! ) The idea is the money is split so the DCs can buy DH and I a nice present and have some left over for themselves. money tin can open

Nov 26, 2016  How to open a tin WITHOUT a canopener: Staggeringly simple Youtube video explains all IF YOU find yourself needing to open a tin of tuna but don't have a can

May 19, 2013 Best Answer: If it's round, get an OXO can opener. It'll open it with a smooth edge, and you'll be able to pop the lid on and off quite easily, but it'll still stay Apr 07, 2014 This video shows how to use the tin can opener to open a tin can. Please suggest more topic for Video' tin can open The money tin has a slot to deposit coins and notes; some canisters require a metal can opener to retrieve the money. You may prefer a money tin that opens with a key and has a separate tray to segregate your holdings.

Jan 25, 2019  To open a can with a kitchen knife, set the can on a table and hold the knife vertically in one hand, with the tip on the inner edge of the lid. Lightly smack the back of your hand to puncture the lid. Move the knife over a few money tin can open Tried two diff tin openers and cant get it open Any hints on how to open money tins hotukdeals We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. Tins are sealed by pressing the top lid over the tin and bending the edges to form a crimp. It means there's only a small amount of metal around the top lip, which will break with enough friction A great tin for storing money in! I love that you can't open it so I won't be spending my savings haha. I got the 50 design and couldn't be happier. Please click on the Yes button below if Apr 12, 2011  Answers. Best Answer: remove the things that poke up with tweezers use a solder and melt the white things or make a circle in the top chainsaw if you won't use the tin again, you should use whatever tool you want that's capable of opening it and lets you remove the money. a

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