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LeadBased Paint RRP in Public and Commercial Buildings: Where Does it Stand? Creation of the Original Lead RRP Rule. A number of federal agencies regulate lead exposure Legal Challenges to Lead RRP Rule. A number of parties representing different interests filed Status of the Rule forLead paint on indoor surfaces becomes a lead hazard, especially to children, in the form of lead dust (raising& lowering leadpainted window sashes), direct contact by sticky little fingers, renovation and remodeling activities[8, and in buildings in poor condition, PICA the eating of lead paint lead paint in office buildings

CONTROLLING LEAD PAINT HAZARDS IN BUILDINGS Lead paint can be found in nearly every type of setting where AFSCME members work. When. lead paint gets old or damaged, it can release small particles and dust. Workers and building occupants can get lead poisoning when they breathe or swallow the lead

During the course of normal repairs on these old buildings, the lead paint can form a toxic dust harmful to the inhabitants. In order to minimize lead exposure during renovations and repairs, the EPA passed the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule in 2008. Overview: Lead in the Built Environment. Lead is a highly toxic metal. It was commonly used in paint in buildings built before 1978 as well as in other household, industrial, and automobile products. Too much lead in the body, or lead poisoning, can cause serious and permanent health problems. Children and pregnant women are at special risk.lead paint in office buildings (1) The removal of paint and dust, the permanent enclosure or encapsulation of leadbased paint, the replacement of painted surfaces or fixtures, or the removal or permanent covering of soil, when leadbased paint hazards are present in such paint, dust or soil; and (2) All preparation, cleanup,

The Environmental Protection Agency delays its plans to expand the 'Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule' to commercial buildings until 2015. Because leadbased paint can still be used in commercial and industrial buildings, the commercial rule would apply to every commercial building in the country regardless of when built. lead paint in office buildings The proposed rules include public buildings built before 1978 and commercial buildings that are not childoccupied facilities. Costs of the lead paint rules are expected to skyrocket if commercial contractors are forced into RRP rule compliance, Knight says. These fees are extremely detrimental to renovation firms. EPA has specifically requested information on: The manufacture, sale, and uses of leadbased paint after 1978; The used of leadbased paint on public and commercial buildings; The frequency and extent of renovations of public and commercial buildings; Work practices used to renovate public and commercial buildings Framework for Identifying and Evaluating LeadBased Paint Hazards from Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities in Public and Commercial Buildings May 2014 EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W. Washington, DC

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