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2020-02-17 06:17

Suing GreendotMoneypak Earlier this year I bought two MP cards that didn't work, leaving me out 1k. Green Dot said at least one was used by someone and that neither card would be refunded.Green Dot Moneypak review with 102 Comments: I am completely livid about this experience with Moneypak and I will not allow them to get away with it. Green Dot Moneypak Filing Class Action Lawsuit Against MoneyPak. Silver Spring, Maryland. Oct 29, 2013 3. 4K views. 102 comments Contact Pissed Consumer Contact Green Dot Moneypak. Terms green dot moneypak lawsuit

This brings the case to Green Dots attention and itll try to recover your money. If the scammer hasnt used the MoneyPak number and Green Dot recovers the money, it asks for proof of

No, MoneyPak cannot be used to add money to PayPal or other online accounts. To add money to PayPal, check out PayPal Cash. To fund online accounts, check out Green Dot @ the Register. MoneypakGreen Dot need to be sued! I am ready to begin a class action lawsuit against MoneypakGreenDot. all interested please reply. I bought a Green Dot MoneyPak at Walgreen's for 5. 95 and put 20 on it. The first 2 digits were accidentally scratched off so I called the number on the back of the card and a person from India answeredgreen dot moneypak lawsuit Use Green Dot Moneypak to send money, reload prepaid cards, and fund online accounts. Click to learn how. Skip to main content. Log in Register Card OPEN AN How it Works. Buy a MoneyPak. Check that the prepaid or bank debit card accepts MoneyPak.

Scratch off the box to reveal your MoneyPak number on the back of the MoneyPak package. green dot moneypak lawsuit Green Dot Moneypak reviews: I bought this card and set up an account with them successfully but the money has never gone on to my prepaid card. Bad service. Money back of 60 from money pack card. How to successfully get your refund. Green Dot Moneypak Green Dot Corporation GDOT Securities Lawsuit. By Lucy been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on behalf of all purchasers of Green Dot securities Alfred Shaw of Neptune used a Green Dot MoneyPak to send 500, but the money disappeared. Green Dot MoneyPak: Where did man's 500 go? Green Dot would not comment on Shaw's case. Green Dot. Green Dot Complaint? We will SUE Green Dot FREE over any amount! Experience Counts: Our lawyers have had hundreds of successful cases against Green Dot and handle 97 of all prepaid debit card cases nationwide. And dont forget, CFLS will handle your case for FREE on contingency.

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