Weird inventions that made money

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10 Weird Inventions& Ideas That Made Millions. Some inventions save peoples lives; others improve them. Here are 10 unusual and perplexing products of human creativity that made a ton of money. 15 Weird U. S. Landmarks You Can Actually Visit. 11: 30 am June 7, 2018.Billy Bob Teeth. Billy Bob Teeth is a set of artificial teeth that make you look like some inbred hillbilly. They came out as a result of a partnership between a dental student and an excollege football player, both in need of money. These and other related novelties such as Zombie Feet Sandals have sold more than 15 million units since 1994. weird inventions that made money

Bright Side made a collection of funny and strange designer ideas. Its completely up to you what to make of them. Its completely up to you what to make of them. 1.

11 Ridiculous Inventions That Made a Lot of Money Maybe people are calling your invention ridiculous. But if a smile trainer, goatee protector and pet rock can all make money, so can yours. 10 Weird Inventions That Made Millions. Some inventions save people's lives; others improve them by lightening or speeding burdensome tasks. Some creations, such as light bulbs, automobiles and space travel, even spark revolutions that forever change human history. And then there are the ones that play Al Green songs from the mouth of a dancing,weird inventions that made money Bizarre Inventions that Made Serious Bucks In business, it may be argued that the best way to succeed is to knuckle down and chip away until that promotion arrives. On the other hand, ideasled individuals might opt to try and come up with an invention so unique and downright bizarre that people cant help but throw money at it.

The simplest ideas are often the best. In addition, they can bring tons of money. Remember the 'Slinky also known as the stair carpet, who would have thought that a simple metal spring as a toy woul 10 Simple Inventions which yielded Millions. by Sarthak Mittal on Jul 06, 2013; invention which made millions, simple inventions weird inventions that made money Money can, of course, raise one's standard of living. But many do not understand that they are not readily used by some people, whose rational and reasoning goes something like the following means. Come, let's have a look at some of 16 such weird ideas implemented by the people of such personalities. 1. Mar 06, 2016 Then finally there's a whole new genre of just, err, well weird. But this weird clicked with the masses and went on to make their creators millionaires! Down below is. A man can progress only as far as his creativity takes him. We've seen the real parts of science and art, and then we've seen the bad parts of it. Ten Weird Inventions That Dont dare to think that these ridiculous inventions are not productive, I have handpicked top 25 ridiculous inventions that made millions. Yeah, you read it correctly, among hundreds of silly inventions, I have selected 25 very cool weird inventions that made millions for their owners. 10 Weird Inventions That Made Millions. It was then briefly marketed as a crystal sphere, which caught Brunswick's eye, after which it assumed its sartorial fondness for basic black. Following a few technical advancements, the Magic 8Ball became what it remains today: A sphere surrounding an alcohol

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