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Major Changes Due for Officer Career Paths in Latest NDAA. By: Capt. Jeff Heames, director of operations and training at Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center (SMWDC), smilesFind rewarding military career opportunities available in America's Navy with options for both fulltime service and parttime service. Discover job opportunities ideal for your skills and interests in the U. S. Navy. i BECOME A COMMISSIONED OFFICER; BECOME AN ENLISTED SAILOR equip, and organize to deliver combat ready Naval forces to win naval officer career paths

The SCP program provides alternatives to the traditional command at sea career path and supports the demand for URL LCDRCDRCAPT expertise in growing and expanding mission areas.

Officer Career Progression Search. Navy Personnel Command Career Info Officer Career Prog. Top Link Bar Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) Decorations and Medals (Awards) Discharge Certificates; Title 10 U. S. C. authorizes an eligible officer to The SCP Program provides officers alternatives to the traditional commandatseacareer path and supports demand for senior unrestricted line officer expertise in growing mission areas, accordingnaval officer career paths Postcommission career paths for Navy option students include Surface Warfare Officer, Submarine Warfare Officer, Naval Aviator, Naval Flight Officer, or Special Operations Warfare Officer. Marine Corps option students can serve as either Ground or Aviation Marine Corps Officers.

Career Paths. Contact Information. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps NROTC San Diego 5998 Alcal Park San Diego, CA Phone: (619) Fax: (619). Building Location on Campus Map. View Map and Building Location. View Directory. naval officer career paths Career Paths. Below are brief overviews of the various career opportunities available to midshipmen. For more detailed information, Click Here to visit the official NROTC Career Options webpage. The University of Virginia Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Launch a career as a Navy Pilot or Naval Flight Officer (NFO) in the U. S. Navy. Join forces with the world's top aviators, and train to operate the Navy's hightech and stateoftheart aircraft. The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship program leads to an appointment as an officer of the Navy or Marine Corps in the grade of ensign or second lieutenant respectively. The NROTC programs are maintained to educate and train wellqualified men and women for careers as commissioned officers. The Best Career Paths for Career Paths. US Military Careers Sales Entertainment Careers Technology Careers View All; Succeeding at Work. Human Resources Management& Leadership These officers are commissioned through the Naval Academy, Officer Candidate School (OCS), and

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