Post office credit card contact from abroad

2020-02-29 06:18

The Post Office is telling holidaymakers to avoid using its travel money cards at ATMs abroad after a customer lost 100 in fees in a week. Travel money cards, which you can load with euros orContact us. Got a query, want to give us some feedback or make a complaint about one of our products or services? The Post Office Limited is voluntarily covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service for Postal Orders and Bureau de Change services (excluding International payments). Credit Cards. Matched Credit Card Platinum Credit Card post office credit card contact from abroad

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I used the post office credit card a couple of years back, using their '0 interest charges' for a year and it all went fine. When I needed to use a credit card abroad again, I contacted the post office and asked if it was possible that the same offer of 0 interest, etc Post Office Money credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts are provided exclusively by Bank of Ireland (UK) plc. Post Office Limited is a credit broker and not a lender. Post Office Limited is an appointed representative of Bank of Ireland (UK) plc which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financialpost office credit card contact from abroad I got the Post Office credit card to use abroad in South Korea as it had no transaction fees abroad as stated. I informed them which country I would be travelling to, and on the second time using it in Korea at the check out of a leading supermarket found it was blocked at the checkout.

The Post Office credit card now offers customers a better deal when using the card abroad due to the removal of commission charges. Other features of the Post Office credit card include an extension of the interest free period on balance transfers to eight months as well as zero interest on purchases for the first three months. post office credit card contact from abroad When it comes to credit cards, the Post Office offers its Platinum card which is one of the best for overseas use. This is because it charges 0 in foreign exchange fees and also makes no charge for cash advances made on the card from any Post Office branch. The best feefree credit cards to use abroad. Banking and Borrowing. lovemoney staff Updated on 04 February 2019 However, if you use your credit card to withdraw cash abroad you could get charged up to 5, which is a big problem for travellers, particularly outside Europe. Credit cards 0345 607 6500. Contact the Post Office to discuss your credit card by calling their dedicated phone number 0345 607 6500 where you can notify them that you are experiencing financial difficulties and therefore you would like an extension on your payment date. Moreover if you would like to borrow more on your card then you can ;Travelling abroad is easy with Post Office Money currency credit cards. The Platinum Card allows to pay with a credit card overseas with no extra fees. Using your card abroad. please let us know your new details in case we need to contact you while you are abroad. We may need to contact you quickly if we have to confirm whether any

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