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2020-02-29 12:36

AntMan and the Wasp summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links.Feb 13, 2019 AntMan summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. ant-man box office

Jul 10, 2018 'AntMan And The Wasp' May Fail To Match 'AntMan' At U. S. Box Office Scott Mendelson Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

'Trainwreck' couldn't stop 'AntMan' from taking the box office top spot, but it wasn't far behind, with plenty of moviegoers turning out to see Amy Schumer's film debut. AntMan and the Wasp's Worldwide Box Office. Everyone is in agreement that AntMan and the Wasp cost more to make than its predecessor, but what's unclear is the final budget total. Some reports point to it being around 162 million, while others suggest a much higher 195 million.ant-man box office AntMan and the Wasp squashed the competition at the domestic box office. The Marvel sequel starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly opened with 76 million from 4, 206 North American

AntMan and the Wasp is buzzing to a 85 million95 million opening, in the spectrum between Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy. That heat wave is good for the box office, but rainy ant-man box office DisneyMarvels AntMan and the Wasp is flying high with an impressive 87 million opening weekend at 4, 026 North American locations, early estimates showed Friday. AntMan and the Wasp Jul 18, 2018 'AntMan and the Wasp'Disney Hotel Transylvania 3 earned around 8. 5 million on Tuesday, shooting up a whopping 68 from its Monday gross and giving it a 58. 8m fiveday total. AntMan and the Wasp brought in another 85 million overseas for a combined 161 million in sales, according to box office measurement firm comScore. Now that AntMan and the Wasp has been in theaters for about a month, we can safely say the film was a box office success but only by a slim margin. The franchise's smallest hero coincidentally also posts some of its smallest commercial figures.

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