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Lost in America is a 1985 satirical road comedy film directed by Albert Brooks and cowritten by Brooks with Monica Johnson. The film stars Brooks alongside Julie Hagerty as a married couple who decide to quit their jobs and travel across America.Sep 12, 2013 The clip from Lost in America (1985) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. The casino is our main means of income. lost in america money back

The movie is short and concise, clocking in at 90 minutes. No filler scenes. It keeps moving at a quick pace, thus keeping your interest from one scene to the next. Lost in America is in my Top 10 favorite comedies. As for the Bluray disc, the clarity and mono sound are as near perfect as you can hope for. The extras are entertaining.

Newton himself later gueststarred on an episode of The Fresh Prince of BelAir (1990) in a scene parodying Lost in America. In the Fresh Prince sequence, Will (Will Smith) and Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) appeal to a casino manager (Newton) to give back their money, also disguised as a pitch for the casino. Aug 22, 1985 In Lost in America, Broosk tackles not only the relationship between husband and wife but the relationship between America and the American dream. Julie Hagerty costars as the off beat yet hilarious wife that loses all their money in Las Vegas. The dream turns into a nightmare their dreams are suddenly gambled away.lost in america money back Mar 15, 1985 Lost in America doesn't tell a story so much as assemble a series of selfcontained comic scenes, and the movie's next scene is probably the best one in the movie. Brooks the adman tries to talk a casino owner ( Garry K. Marshall ) into giving back the money.

The clip giveourmoneyback from Lost in America (1985) with Garry Marshall, Albert Brooks. Powered by: An lost in america money back

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